Server Update Info/Details January 29th

-> Updates/Fixes January 29th
- New MAC/IP System Added On Maps (Chaos Maps/Arena Island/Weekend Island)
- Naval Base Mobs Drop Rate Increased
- Manu Potions NPC Edited 2202,2774
- PK Maps Enter Announce Fixed
- Fairy Coin/Signets For Gold Removed
- Shop Center NPC InGame Edited 2241,2784(Some Potions Lv1 Free)
- Wood/Sashimi NPC Exchanges Gold Increased 2162,2771 & 2241,2825
- DW-FC-DS Mobs Gold Increased To 400K
- Server Time Maps Changed (+1 DW Time Added)

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Server Information

    Server Online

    Player Level Instant
  • Max Player LevelLv110
  • Pet Lv Normal FruitsLv50
  • Pet Lv Improved FruitsLv62
  • Pet Growth Expx1850
  • Guild Limit30
  • Drop Ratex5

  • 00:37 02/25/2024

    No GM online.


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