Server Update Info April 5Th

> An update has been added to the launcher for download, open your launcher to download the updates and avoid future problems on your client.
If the launcher does not update, open it as an administrator.

> Uma atualização foi adicionada no launcher para download, abra o seu launcher para baixar as atualizações e evitar futuros problemas no seu client.
Caso o launcher nao atualize, abra-o como administrador.

> Se agregó una actualización al iniciador para descargar. Abra su iniciador para descargar las actualizaciones y evitar problemas futuros en su cliente.
Si el iniciador no se actualiza, ábralo como administrador.

-> Updates/Fixes April 05Th
- Gems Limit Increased To Lv3 (Necklace & Rings Still Lv2)
- Champion Lv85 Dual Sword HR Fixed
- Mystery Box Added (Chaos Argent Solo Reward)
- All Mounts Status Changed To +10 (The Visual is +20, but stats will be +10 for now, soon this will go back to +20)
- Boss Fragment NPC Exchange Edited
- Apparels Shadow Robe-Carsise & Happie Lance Hat Fixed
- Revival Skill Working Now On DW-FC-DS-Abaddon Maps
- Barborosa Boss Spawn Point Changed
- Guild Limit Increased To 12 (This will be a test, but may be adjusted in future updates)
- PK Maps Rewards Changed (#guides channel for details)

-> Client Launcher Update
- New Chaos Argent Map
- New Chaos Desert Map
- New Forsaken City Map

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Server Information

    Server Online

    Player Level Instant
  • Max Player LevelLv110
  • Pet Lv Normal FruitsLv50
  • Pet Lv Improved FruitsLv62
  • Pet Growth Expx1850
  • Guild Limit10
  • Drop Ratex5

  • 10:00 06/21/2024

    GM Online:@[GM]Developer.


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