Server Update Info/Details 12Th April!

-> Updates/Fixes April 12Th

- New Guild Level UP System (Details below)
- Necklace & Ring Gems Limit Increased To Lv3
- News Changed on Balance-Features (Details below)
- Kal Runestones Stack Increased To 499x
- Boss Knowledge Bosses NPC Time Fixed
- PK Maps Rewards Fixed (Chaos Argent)
- Bosses Sizes Reduced to Default
- Potions ATK/Def/HR New Exchange Added 2226,2726
- Boss Fragments NPC Edited 2167,2772
- Maps Times Changed (Details below)
- Abaddon Bosses Neck/Ring Gems Drop Rate Increased

> For more details about the maps and guild system and also balance features on our discord channels!

> Para mais detalhes sobre os mapas e guild system e também balance features em nosso canais do discord!

#"Classes Balance - Features & Gems Guide"
#"Guild Level System - Guide/Info"
#"Server Time Maps - Info

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Server Information

    Server Online

    Player Level Instant
  • Max Player LevelLv110
  • Pet Lv Normal FruitsLv50
  • Pet Lv Improved FruitsLv62
  • Pet Growth Expx1850
  • Guild Limit10
  • Drop Ratex5

  • 11:34 06/21/2024

    GM Online:@[GM]Developer.


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