Server Update Info/Details 24Th April (Mandatory Patch)

-> Updates/Fixes April 24Th

Mandatory Update 04-24 April!
New mandatory patch manual for players to be able to connect to the server.
If you can update through the Launcher, it is not necessary to use Manual Patch.

Atualização Obrigatoria 04-24 Abril!
Novo manual patch obrigatorio para os jogadores conseguirem se conectar ao servidor.
Caso voce consiga atualizar através do Launcher não é necessario usar o Manual Patch.

¡Actualización obligatoria 04-24 Abril!
Nuevo manual de parches obligatorio para que los jugadores puedan conectarse al servidor.
Si puede actualizar a través del Iniciador, no es necesario utilizar el Parche manual.

- Gems Voucher System Added (Double click a gem and it will become a voucher!)
Note: Working for all gems level.
- Guild System Status Fixed
- 5M Stall Notes System Fixed
- Gold Packet NPC Exchange Added 2162,2772
- Chaos Desert Portal System Enter Notice Fixed
- Cake Stack Increased To 499X
- Credits/IMPs Scrolls Fixed
- Vote System MAC/IPs Reseted/Fixed

-> All Improved Fruits rates changed to 100%
- All players who used fruit before becoming 100% will benefit.
Contact a GM to have this checked.

- Todos os jogadores que usaram frutas antes de se tornar 100% serão beneficiados.
Entre em contato um GM para ser verfiicado isso.

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Server Information

    Server Online

    Player Level Instant
  • Max Player LevelLv110
  • Pet Lv Normal FruitsLv50
  • Pet Lv Improved FruitsLv62
  • Pet Growth Expx1850
  • Guild Limit10
  • Drop Ratex5

  • 10:28 06/21/2024

    GM Online:@[GM]Developer.


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