Official Version Online!

Official Online Version!
Download and register the client through our website!
Guides available within the game below the minimap on the guides button and also in #guides on the discord server channels!
If you have problems or bugs to report, or any suggestions for improving the server, send us a ticket at #📩-reports-suggestions-tickets

Versão Oficial Online!
Faça download e registro do client através do nosso website!
Guias disponiveis dentro do jogo abaixo do minimap no botão guides e também em #guides nos canais do discord server!
Caso voce tenha problemas ou bugs para relatar, ou alguma sugestão para a melhoria do servidor nos envia através de um ticket em #📩-reports-suggestions-tickets

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Server Information

    Server Online

    Player Level Instant
  • Max Player LevelLv110
  • Pet Lv Normal FruitsLv50
  • Pet Lv Improved FruitsLv62
  • Pet Growth Expx1850
  • Guild Limit30
  • Drop Ratex5

  • 23:54 02/25/2024

    No GM online.


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